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What is React.AsyncComponent?

December 24, 2017

In the past week, I happened to stumble upon a class named “AsyncComponent” in Facebook’s ReactJS source code. I did some digging on my own. Turns out, it has a prototype called unstable_isAsyncReactComponent which indicates that this is unstable API and might change in the future.

I didn’t understand what it was intended for. I wasn’t and am not sure what it is and how & where it could be used. To answer this question, I decided to do what a lot of us do when we face tough questions - search Google and StackOverflow (and avoid Quora as much as possible). I was hoping for one of two things - a detailed StackOverflow answer that’s blurry at 3am or a Medium / blog post that’s hopefully not clickbait. Turns out those weren’t the droids I was looking for. So I opened up a question on StackOverflow myself hoping for answers from people who know more about React’s source.

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